Vacuum Lamination Equipment Glass Laminating Machine Custom Made

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Machine: 4 Layer EVA Laminated Glass Machine Application: Glass Curtain Wall, Skylight, Building Glass, Home Furniture Decoration, Stairs And Railings, Shower Room, Glass Windows & Doors, Indoor Partition, Solar PV Panel, PDLC/LED Laminated Glass, Coffee Table Etc EVA Laminated Glass Production Layer: 4 Layer Max Glass Size: 2000x3000mm Max Glass Thickness: 36mm Production Capacity: 72 Square Meter For One Cycle Vacuum Laminated  Machine / Laminated Glass  Machine G...

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Machine: 4 Layer EVA Laminated Glass Machine Application: Glass Curtain Wall, Skylight, Building Glass, Home Furniture Decoration, Stairs And Railings, Shower Room, Glass Windows & Doors, Indoor Partition, Solar PV Panel, PDLC/LED Laminated Glass, Coffee Table Etc EVA Laminated Glass Production
Layer: 4 Layer Max Glass Size: 2000x3000mm
Max Glass Thickness: 36mm Production Capacity: 72 Square Meter For One Cycle

Vacuum Laminated  Machine / Laminated Glass  Machine

Glass Laminating Machine


-Kinds of laminated glass processing 
-99% pass rate 
-Only 0.5KW for one sqm 
-PLC control 


Basic introduction of our laminated glass machine

Our EVA laminated glass machine works on the principle of vacuum and heating. After put the glass

 in the vacuum bag, the vacuum system will help exhaust the air from the vacuum bag, create a vacuum

environment in the vacuum bag. This process ensure no bubbles appear between the glasses.,EVA Glass Laminating Heatbox,EVA Glass Laminating Furnace,EVA Glass Laminating Oven,Glass Lamination Oven for EVA Film Process,Laminating Furnace with EVA Film for Laminated Glass.

The heating system will melt the film so that the two pieces of glasses can be firmly stick together.

The composition of our laminated glass machine

  Our laminated glass machine is mainly composed of the four systems:PLC control system,heating

system,vacuum system,insulation system.

  The frame of the entire machine uses 10mm thick galvanized angle steel with CO₂gas shielded

welding. The surface of the machine is treated with varnish.Combined with the unique seamless welding,

 our machine has very beautiful appearance, reasonable structure,very stable and durable.EVA Film Automatic Laminating Glass Machine,EVA Glass Laminating Machine,Vacuum Heating Machine,Laminated and Vacuum Machine,EVA Laminated Machine for Glass.

   We adopt Germany technology with newly improvement, It’s specially designed for the dry glass

laminating. The heating element is changed from carbon fiber to 304 stainless steel heating tube,

make heating up and down distributed like carpet, formed a forced convection, heat up evenly and faster, and with longer lifetime. ONLY need 2~3 seconds for 1℃. And there turbo blower ensures hot air to circulate every corner, temperature inside the furnace is equal and temperature difference not exceed 3~5℃. The processing glass can get uniform heat for a high product yield. The heater wire now connected outside wall of the furnace, this can avoid damage caused by inside high heating temperature, and easier for maintenance of the machine.,EVA Film Laminating Machine for Glass,EVA Film Laminating Machine,Glass Laminating Machine with EVA Film,EVA Film Glass Laminating Machine.

   Glass Laminating Machine available with interlayer of EVA film, EN film,

EVA safety film, PVG film, TPU film, PDLC film,  PET film ,Silk etc.

 Our glass laminating machine can adopt EVA as interlayer to produce architectural laminated glass, top grade decorative laminated glass, bulletproof laminated glass, bending tempered laminated glass, fabric laminated glass, new energy laminated glass etc. The similar machines from other

 local suppliers can do decorative lamination only. Our machine is first in China can process true flower

laminated glass.EVA Glass Laminating Heatbox /Furnace /Oven.

  Our machine produces curved tempered laminating glass in one step, no need autoclave and

pre-pressing machine. Max bending height reaches 440mm. If you have autoclave, our

 laminating glass equipment could work with it to produce curved safety glass easily and economically.




Glass Curtain wall, skylight, building glass, home furniture decoration, stairs and railings, shower 

room, glass windows & doors, indoor partition, solar PV panel, PDLC/LED laminated glass, 

coffee table etc.


  • Condition: New
  • Machine Type: Glass Laminating Machine
  • Production Capacity: 30sets/one month
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Saint Best
  • Model Number: SBT-J-2-4
  • Voltage: 220-380V
  • Power(W): 26kw
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 3660L*2560W*1500H
  • Weight: 3600KG
  • Certification: CE
  • Warranty: One year
  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • maximum bending height: 200mm
  • vaccum bag: imported material
  • qualified product rate: 99%
  • heating system: stainless heating tube with radiation heating
  • temperature difference: no more than 5 degree
  • vacuum system: 24 hours stable work ,Germany technology
  • working principle: heating and vacuum
  • heating element: stainless heating tube
  • insulation layer: custom encryption composite board
    Capacity: 36square meter for 1/1.5 hours
    Processing glass size: Max glass size :2000mmx3000mm
    Processing glass thickness: Max glass thickness :36mm

Technical Parameter: (2000mmx3000mmx4 layers)

Electric Power

(3-phase AC 220-440V)/26KW

Processing Glass Size

Max: 2000*3000mm / Min: 100*100mm


Max bending deep(mm): 400mm


Max glass thickness in each silicone bag: 36mm


Forming cycle: 75-90 Min/cycle


Max production capacity in one cycle: 72m²


Production capacity in 8 hours: 230m²

(if 80% full furnace loaded)

Operation platform

4 layers

Working Temperature


Exterior Dimension

3650*2390*2250 (1500mm)

Floor Space


Net Weight



Packaging Details: WOODEN CASE
Delivery Detail: 20 DAYS

Packaging & Delivery



1.vacuum system wind-cooling vacuum pump,italian design 
2.curved tempered laminating glass in one step. 
3.self-check function 


1.Vacuum system 


 We adopt wind-cooling vacuum pump,italian design,working stable and structure could continuously work for 24 hours.vacuum rate reach up to is equipped with vacuum buffer tank,even in case of interruption of electricity,the tank double vacuum system makes vacuum faster and better.EVA Laminated Glass Equipment,Glass Laminating Machine,One Step Bend Tempered Glass Laminating Machine,EVA Laminated Glass Machine Production Line.

2.Our machine produces curved tempered laminating glass in one step,no need autoclave and pre-pressing machine.max bending height reaches 400mm.if you have autoclave ,our laminating glass equipment could work with it to produce curved safety glass easily and economically.One Step Bend

Tempered Glass Laminating Machine,EVA Laminated Glass Equipment with Germany Technology,EVA Laminated Glass Machine,PVB TPU Laminated Glass Furnace for Tempered Laminated Glass,Laminated Glass Furnace for Tempered Laminated Glass,Laminated Glass Machine.

3. PLC control,all program could be completed automatically .heating time and temperature could be adjusted according to the glass thickness.working status could be shown on touch screen.

our machine has self-check function,any problems,you could also check on touch screen .it is very easy and safe to operate.EVA Laminated Glass Machine,Two Layer EVA Laminated Glass Machine,

Two Layer EVA Laminated Glass Oven,Two Layer EVA Laminated Glass Furnace,Three Layer EVA Laminated Glass Machine,Three Layer EVA Laminated Glass Oven,Three Layer EVA Laminated Glass Furnace.

Vacuum Lamination Equipment Glass Laminating Machine Custom Made


4.It adopts silica gel plate which is imported from USA,thick 3mm,it could stand high temperature to 180 degree.quality guarantee period keeps 4 years in normal condition.each layer silica gel can put glass around 36mm thickness and it improves processing efficiency Three Layer Laminated Glass Machine,

Three Layer Laminated Glass Oven,Three Layer Laminated Glass Furnace,Two Layer Laminated Glass Machine,Two Layer Laminated Glass Oven,Two Layer Laminated Glass Furnace,Four Layer Laminated Glass Machine,Four Layer Laminated Glass Oven,Four Layer Laminated Glass Furnace,Four Layer EVA Laminated Glass Machine,Five Layer EVA Laminated Glass Oven.

5.Fully automatic glass lifting platform is hydraulic,more make the processing easy and needs only 2-3 greatly saves your labor cost.EVA Laminated Glass Furnace,

Glass Vacuum Heat Laminating Machine,Glass Laminating Machine Five Layers,Type 5 Wagon

Laminating Machine,Semi-Automatic Glass Laminating Machine,EVA Laminated Glass Vacuum Heat

Laminated Oven Machinery,5 Layers Glass Laminating Machine.

1.Adopts Germany independent heating technology, use stainless tube which distribute like carpet heating fast and evenly. No bubble appear

2. Process EVA film, the product yield up to 99%;

3. High efficiency, the output is 100-300 sqm in one eight-hour day;

4. Energy saving 50% compared the similar machine from other China suppliers;

5. Our machine get ISO certification ,CE certification and 5 patents.


Spare Part: 

Spare parts


Spare parts


Electrical Accessory


   Heating parts

      Stainless heating tube 

      with radiation heating


Turbo blower

Special Position 

Vacuum Bed

(Silicone Bag)

3mm thickness

imported material from USA

Warm-keeping layer

8-10cm thick,

stable performance


Vacuum Pump


Germany design

Has oil filter and air filter


China famous brand

Gavalnized angle  steel

8mm thickness,stable



Vacuum nozzle

Copper or stainless steel


custom encryption composite board

Baking finished. Stable

 Atomatic lifting table


Can stand 1.5 tons


Currently Laminated glass is produced in two ways: one is wet laminated glass, one is dry laminated glass.The wet laminated glass is the traditional glue laminated glass. Dry laminated glass have two main

approaches, one is EVA laminated glass, another is PVB laminated glass.
Both Wet and PVB laminated glass have some disadvantages. Wet laminated glass’s strength is not enough to achieve its safety effects, besides, wet laminated glass used for construction easily turn yellow, degumming, cause bubbles and many other problems, so now the wet laminated glass technology is gradually out of the market; PVB laminated glass has high strength, but producing the PVB laminated glass need

 the coordination of the prepressing machine and autoclave, and processing costs are very high, so PVB

 laminated glass technology is not suitable for small-medium enterprises.

 Now the EVA film laminated glass can solve all problems of the two traditional laminated glass technology, the operation is simple, upfront investment is small, small floor area, and the EVA laminated glass does

not turn yellow, degumming and cause bubbles, it is gradually becoming an alternative and occupation of

laminated glass market.


Packaging & Shipping

The machines will be packed with standard seaworthy wooden case to make sure customer will receive the machines they ordered Intact.Some other special structural machines will be fixed well package to the container.

We choose reliable shipping company,such as NYK,MAERSK,COSCO,APL.,etc


Our Services

The engineer is available to travel aboard, help the installation, maintenance and training staff. 


By offering this support, we make sure the cutomer start the business smoothly, to realise win-win cooperation.


We always looking for long term cooperaion, not one time deal.

If you are window fabricator or glass factory, looking for new machine for business expansion,

If you have interest to set up window production line,glass machine as your new business,

Or you have any questions about window machine,glass machines.


We are here, ready for support.

We look forward to your more work opportunity.




1.Question:Are your manufacture?

Answer:we are manufacture of the PVC window door machine, Aluminum window door machines, insulating glass machines.

2.Question:What’s the customer service ?


1).reply within 12 hour

2).deliver max. days within 15 days,insulating glass machine:within 30 days

3).one to one service

4).24 hours for after -sale serive

5).more than 13 years experience in this kind machine field

6).fluent english ,communication barrier free

3.Question:What’s the guarantee ?


1).Our guarantee for 2 year.

2).24 hour’s technical support by email or calling

3).English manual and video tutorial

4).2 year quality guaranty for the machine (excluding the consumables)

5).We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price

6).24 hours on line service each day, free technical support.


4.Question:if our price is higher than another company or factories ?


plaese check, what is is the different of the machine parts ,service and guarantee,especially the machine inner electric parts, sometimes, if machines have breakdown, the most reason is the machine inner electric parts problem, but we use the world famous brand parts to install to machines inner, so that can sure you can use the machines very long long years.

belive you will chooes the same value of the machine, not cheaper equipement

5.Question:How long is the delivery time ?


For standard machines, it would be 3-15 days; For non-standard machines and customized machines according to clients specific requirements, it would be 15 to 30 days.

6.Question:How's the payment ?


Telegraphic Transfer(T/T). or L/C. (If you want by west union, it is also ok.)


Vacuum Lamination Equipment Glass Laminating Machine Custom Made


Vacuum Lamination Equipment Glass Laminating Machine Custom MadeVacuum Lamination Equipment Glass Laminating Machine Custom Made

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